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Iowa Landscape Supply

Has been serving Des Moines area and central Iowa since 1983 as one of the area's largest hardscape supplier

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Keystone Retaining Walls

Retaining Excellence

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Borgert Pavers Products

Outdoor Living, Redefined.

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Feature products

Mega Melt ProSlicer

Mega Melt ProSlicer Mega Melt ProSlicer Quickly melts ice and snow down to -20F Pre-wet deicer means less material and fewer applications are needed Flows freely even in sub-freezing conditions Vivid purple color is easy to see and will not track or stain Maintains a residual melting effect after storm event Safer on skin, sidewalks, leather, metal, plants and pets  Bag 50 lb. bag  49 bags pre Pallet

Bulk Winter Products

Sand Calcium Mix Sand Salt Mix Bulk Salt Ice Control Sand Liquid deicer

We Now Carry Freezgard liquid deicer

FreezGard® Zero liquid magnesium chloride is a natural, environmentally friendly de-icer made from 100% natural minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. FreezGard® provides exceptional anti-icing and de-icing for winter’s toughest conditions, and it’s safe for use on both asphalt and mature concrete pavements. Versatile and abundant, FreezGard® is a best choice for safe and economical winter road maintenance.

Commercial Snow Plowing & Sanding And Liquid Deicer

Commercial Snow Plowing & Sanding And Liquid Deicer Call Today For more info

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Spring/Summer Hours

Starting 3/23/20 new hours. Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm Saturday 9am – 2pm

Iowa Landscape Supply

Family owned and operated
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Since 1983