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Iowa Landscape Supply

Has been serving Des Moines area and central Iowa since 1983 as one of the area's largest hardscape supplier

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Feature products

Bulk Winter Products

Bulk salt and sand mixes are the best to use when doing an enormous amount of snow and ice removal. (All sold by the cubic yard) .Sand Calcium Mix .Sand Salt Mix .Bulk Salt .Ice Control Sand

Mega Melt ProSlicer

Quickly melts ice and snow down to -20F Pre-wet deicer means less material and fewer applications are needed Flows freely even in sub-freezing conditions Vivid purple color is easy to see and will not track or stain Maintains a residual melting effect after storm event Safer on skin, sidewalks, leather, metal, plants and pets Bag 50 lb. bag 49 bags pre Pallet

DOWFLAKE Xtra Calcium Chloride

Use Dowflake Xtra calcium chloride by itself or mix it with rock salt and sand to give them extra power. Calcium chloride’s high performance properties make it superior to plain salt and other ice melting materials. Available In 50 lb. Bag

Iowa Landscape Supply Commercial Snow Removal & Sanding Services!

We offer commercial properties snow removal and sanding. call us today for more information!

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Since 1983